Why choose an Enterprise Digital Signage Software?

branding experience

Create A Branding Experience

With Plum Digital Signage’s easy-to-use application, establish efficiency by quickly selecting pre-made templates or upload and customize your own menu templates. Plum Digital Signage is easily deployable and can be modified to best fit your brand and business across all locations.

target audience

Reach Your Target Audience

Eliminate the guesswork of how and when to strategize your marketing plans. With the Scheduling Dayparts feature, you can run relevant promotions based on your business hours and choose when to schedule your promotions.

boosting profit

Boost Profit Margins

Invest in the growth of your company and improve your sales with creative work that is reusable, quick, and effective. Bring in more customers with meaningful content that is relatable and up-to-date.

flexibility in one design

Flexibility in One Design

This is the sole digital signage solution in the market that is fully integratable with Point-of-Sale (POS) systems. With Plum Digital Signage, you can get digital menu boards up and running in no time at all. We designed our application with the capability to implement CSV files so you can efficiently process menu items and prices via the integrated POS system.

Plum Digital Signage allows you to manage all signage at a global level in real-time. With this feature, you can be confident that all of your locations display the right content at the right time. Changes can also be made to customize each location to fit the unique needs of every store. With a simple and clean design, understanding and learning how to use the application is a breeze and takes no time at all.

Cost-Effective Marketing Tool

With a large selection of premade templates to choose from, there’s no reason to keep the same old signs up for too long. Plum Digital Signage offers a combination of attention-grabbing and industry specific templates for those who don’t have the time to spend creating designs from scratch. Attract customers you might otherwise have missed with a traditional sign or campaign. Elevate promotional items and raise brand awareness to all who visit your business.

Digital signage reduces costs by removing the unnecessary labor that comes with traditional signage and presents an eco-friendly solution. The templates are reusable and can be updated at any time. Take advantage of the dayparting feature and schedule multiple templates throughout the day, week, or month to boost impulse purchase sales. Your scheduled content will automatically continue playing even if the internet connection is interrupted.

cost effective marketing tool
simple and customizable content management

Simple and Customizable Content Management

Plum Digital Signage understands the importance of what it means to effectively engage your customers. Tailor your content to encourage impulse buys, promotions, and other specials. If you don’t want to design your own templates, our application offers pre-made templates that are easy to implement. Reinforce your brand through our in-app Graphical User Interface (GUI) editor to build and design your templates exactly as you would like it.

With Plum Digital Signage, explore how photo carousels, GIFs, and videos can increase your customer engagement. Upload your own custom templates and increase your in-store digital presence. Customize fonts, colors, and layouts to match your brand and aesthetic. Be encouraged to update your signage and experience how a single upgrade can push your customers to improve your profit margins.


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