How to Utilize LED Message Signs to Benefit Your Business

Finding new ways to relay company information and advertise to customers can be a challenge. Newer technology is frequently tested by owners who want to find progressive ways to convey how their company is perceived and capture an audience's interest. Furthermore, many companies want to ensure that their advertising methods are eco-friendly, provide a good return on investment, and stand out among the competition, Message signs, or signs that display content and videos by utilizing LEDs, are one environmentally-friendly technology that many business owners use in order to advertise, promote new products, and convey company information.

LED Lights & Signs

An LED, or light-emitting diode, is a semiconductor device that releases light when an electric current is passed through it. Electrons and holes that carry the current combine with the semiconductor material in order to produce light. Because the solid semiconductor material generates the light, it's described as a solid-state device. LEDs do not utilize heated filaments or emit gas discharge like fluorescent and incandescent lamps do, making them more energy-efficient and long-lasting.

Here is a list of terminology that can help one better understand LEDs and their various components-

  • Semiconductor Device - Materials that have resistance levels between that of a conductor and an insulator
  • Conductor - An object or type of material that allows an electrical current to flow in one or more directions
  • Insulator - A substance that does not easily allow the passage of heat or sound
  • Electrons and Holes - Particles that carry an electrical current
  • Solid -State Devices - Any electronic equipment that utilizes semiconductor equipment such as diodes and integrated circuits
  • Diodes - Two terminal (Di) electronic component that moves a current in one direction
  • Heated filaments - Thin wire of material that is resistant to decomposition by heat. An electric current can pass through it

LEDs can last for long periods of time. They also generate less heat and consume less energy than most standard light bulbs. Because of their long-life expectancy and capacity to save energy, working as an eco-friendly and cost-effective resource, they are frequently utilized by businesses in the form of LED message signs.

Referred to as electronic signs, message centers, and digital displays, LED message signs are flat panels that utilize thousands of tiny LEDs in order to display visually luring content. Each tiny LED emits one single light color. Combined with thousands of other LEDs, the panel can project a number of unique videos and images. Because it's digitally-based, the content of signs can be changed as often as necessary through the utilization of computer software programs.

Benefits of Electronic Message Signs

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There are many benefits of utilizing electronic message centers, including-

  • Schedule Content - Various content can be set on timers and alternate during specific times of the day.
  • Flexibility - The content can be changed as often as necessary through the digital signage application or via smartphone.
  • Long-Lasting & Cost-Effective - Because LEDs are so long-lasting and energy-efficient, replacement is not necessary till years later.
  • Can be Repurposed - The same signage can be moved to different locations and utilized to draw attention in other areas throughout the premises.
  • 24-Hour Display - LED message signs to project bright visuals that have increased visibility at any hour of the day.
  • Customize Light - Most signage software allows users to control the brightness of the displays. This is especially beneficial during the evenings when the contrast of a sign should be set to a brighter vibrancy to gain more visibility.

How Electronic Message Boards are Used

Some message boards are better at revealing certain types of information depending on the size and structure of the panel. Also, the type and amount of content displayed on each board affects how well the message is conveyed to its audience. Some of the best ways to use message boards include-

  • Making announcements
  • Advertising and marketing
  • Promoting new products
  • Displaying hours of operation
  • Showing the time or date
  • Announcing an event or giving directions to it
  • Welcoming new customers
  • Providing instructions
Message boards can be utilized in a variety of locations throughout a business. Their display location is dependent on the goals of the company and what they hope to achieve through their signage. Some of these locations include-

Interior & Exterior
Exterior signs can be utilized to capture the interest of those walking by with no intent to go inside. They can also inform current customers of store hours or special promotions before deciding to make a purchase.

Interior signs can be used to communicate with both employees and customers. For example, employees can be notified about up-coming staff meetings or shift schedule changes.

Some businesses attach their signs to trucks or cars to advertise their products or display company information. This can be a great way to advertise across a wide-range of locations.

How to Create Content for Message Signs

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There are different factors to consider when creating content for digital signage. Most audiences don't have much time to read the sign, especially if it's mounted to a moving vehicle. The nature of the message should be apparent to anyone who sees it. When creating content, remember to-

  • Be clear and concise
  • Choose powerful wording
  • Don't use long-winded phrases or confusing terminology
  • Use as few words as possible to relay the main message
  • Choose a primary message and ensure it appears more or less once per minute

Formatting Message Signs

When formatting the signs, it's important to remember that the displayed text appears differently than it would on traditional signage. Therefore, the colors and brightness should be formatted properly to ensure the message is easily conveyed to the audience. Businesses should consider several characteristics before formatting their message board, which include-

Choose two-dimensional, plain font so the message is clear to the audience. Avoid using fonts that could prove to be distracting and detract from the message, as 3D and ornamental text will look overly pixelated and be difficult to read.

LED message boards that display multiple colors are more expensive than monochrome boards. If the business wants to utilize pictures to display their messaging, then spending the extra money to purchase a complex board may be worth it. However, if a company simply wants to display static graphics, a monochrome board would probably be a more viable choice.

Sunlight can make it more difficult to read content because there's less contrast between the words and background. Ambient light sensors control brightness automatically at any time of the day so users don't have to manually adjust the level of brightness.

The smaller the distance is between each pixel, the more resolute the content of the LED message sign will be. Signs should always be placed at the optimal viewing distance, which is the point where different pixels blend together to create a non-blurry image. The farther away the sign is from the audience, the larger the resolution should be to ensure a clear image is displayed.

Moving videos and graphics can capture an audience's attention, but text that moves across a board can be more difficult to read. Instead, animation and clips can be utilized between slides to capture the audience's attention before displaying the sign's principal message.