8 Electronic Sign Options to Try for Your Business

Tourists throughout Time Square are often mesmerized by the hundreds of high resolution, digital billboards on display in the Big Apple. Businesses from around the world use this area to advertise, showcase a company message, and stand out from the competition. Intriguing and innovative, electronic signs utilize thousands of tiny LEDs (light-emitting diodes) to display customized messages, videos, and animation.

Though New York City may be the mecca for LED displays, thousands of other businesses from around the globe are taking advantage of the benefits these signs have to offer. Here is a list of 8 different electronic sign options to try for your businesses.

Benefits of Electronic Signs

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Some of the benefits of electronic message signs include-

1. Attracts Attention
The human eye is naturally inclined to respond to motion, contrast, and bright coloring. High quality electronic signs encompass all of these characteristics, displaying eye-catching and unique visualizations full of color. Businesses can take advantage of this by placing signs in high-value areas or near a window display that intrigues those who walk by.

2. Customizable Messaging
Displays of signs and products are incredibly flexible and versatile, allowing for different content, videos, and graphics. Shops that utilize traditionally, printed signage have to change out signs once a new product is added. Content on electronic displays can be altered or updated at any time of the day through the electronic message center software system.

3. Cost-Effective Solution
LED lights last longer than most standard light bulbs, and can last years without losing their clarity and brightness. LED bulbs are also much more energy-efficient, resulting in cost-savings over time.

4. Improves Customer Experience
LED digital signs are meant to be unique and interactive, allowing for a better customer experience. Different businesses can utilize them in different ways to upsell items and offer promotions.

5. Increase Profits
Visually stimulating and brilliant in color, electronic signs create a call to action. They attract new customers to come to a store, purchase an item, or take advantage of a promotion. In fact, the Small Business Administration found that those who utilize electronic message signs are apt to see an increase in business of 15 % to 150%. LED displays are a fantastic way for small and large businesses to increase their profits.

8 Electronic Sign Options to Try

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Different sign options offer unique benefits and customizable features. There are many LED sign vendors to research and request a quote from. Some options to try include-

1. LED Scrolling Signs
Simple scrolling signs can be utilized for short messages and small lists of specials or even coupons and QR codes. Narrow and short in length, they easily fit inside or outside a business.

2. Outdoor Digital Signs
Outdoor LED signs can be posted outside of a business to display colorful messaging, videos, and animations. These digital signs can be utilized to indicate street closures or provide directions for special events or outside of stadiums.

3. Mobile Signs
These digital displays can be useful advertising tools for businesses in remote areas, as the electronic signs can attach to the back of a truck on an aluminum trailer. Businesses in rural areas can display their company information, attracting new customers who come across the store.

4. Window Projection Displays
These color LED signs are useful for those who have little real estate outside their business. Because they can project an image onto a window, there is no need to have the physical sign at all. The only requirements to make the display work is a projector, media player, and film.

5. Signs- Indoor LEDs
These full color LED signs utilize software that allows the user to send the same message to different computers, televisions, or other screens within the business. This informs when sales promotions are going on and delivers any other pertinent information that would entice the consumer. It can also be used internally to share news and updates with employees.

6. Digital Signage & Stand
This electronic sign comes on a stand and is perfect to showcase interactive displays to customers and visitors. It's useful for outdoor events, hospitality purposes, and in grocery markets. It's also utilized by retailers and restaurants who want to draw passersby into their stores.

7. Modular Design Sign
This color LED sign has a high-quality modular design that is more rigid and tough than traditional electronic signage. The exterior can sustain the harshest of weather conditions, including rain and snowstorms. Businesses can use these signs to advertise on highways or along the streets. Modular display signs can also be utilized for outdoor events and concerts.

8. High Pixel Pitch Density Signs
High pixel pitch density signs are those that contain more color LED lights than other signs. Though pricier, they are much more versatile in their ability to display any type of animation or image. Businesses who want to stand out from the competition or showcase unique graphics and videos can benefit from this sign.

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