An Overview into Electronic Sign Boards

It is no news that the business landscape is fast-changing and conventional methods of advertising now take the back-seat to innovative digital methods. While there are several options to choose from when it comes to digital advertising products, one that is becoming widely adopted by businesses and industries globally is outdoor electronic sign boards.

Against the backdrop of the problems that come with print sign boards, digital signs boards have become the go-to solution for companies looking to maximize ROI. Hence, bringing this technology to the forefront of company operations has the capability to transform a business' sign board advertising campaigns.

In order to grasp a full overview of electronic sign boards, the history, benefits, disadvantages, cost, and installation process are outlined below.

What are Electronic Sign Boards?

Digital signage on its own is a broad term encompassing both outdoor and indoor led signs. There are different products that fall under digital signage, including billboards, banners, LED screens, LCD boards, and projectors.

However, one of the most useful outdoor LED products for businesses is electronic sign boards. Electronic signage can best be described as the digital solution to sign board advertising. These are usually double-sided outdoor signs with high-resolution visuals that come in a variety of designs, message displays, and customizable options.

Also known as LED message centers, electronic signs are enabled by software, which makes them easily controlled by remotes. Initially, LED signs were only used by a few large corporations because they were too complicated for non-coders to operate and largely expensive.

With further advancement of digital signage, more user-friendly options were devised and now any business owner or manager can operate programmable LED boards, changing display messages and signs at any time from a few taps of a remote. This is just one of the reasons they have become vastly useful for company advertising.

What Do Companies Benefit from Using Digital Sign Boards?

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Besides being a sustainable way for companies to evolve with the times and ensure they stay in business, using LED message centers offers numerous benefits-

1. Flexibility and convenience

Electronic sign boards come in different styles, sizes, full color designs, and functionality. This provides business owners and directors a wide variety to choose from. But more importantly, outdoor electronic signs can display any type of message at any time. As a result, businesses can enjoy sign boards on display 24/7, and choose what content should be shown at selected times.

What's more, changing these messages is as convenient as selecting a few options on the sign board operating system or simply using the remote. Moving images and constantly changing content is a great way to draw and keep customer attention. Undeniably, print or chalk sign boards easily get overlooked as people naturally get bored of looking at the same thing week after week.

2. Better return on advertising

Research has shown that digital sign boards far outperform print or chalkboard signs, with digital displays capturing 400% more views than static displays.

Hence, rather than constantly spending on print advertising that goes largely unnoticed, digital signage presents more profitable returns on advertising costs. In addition, businesses have the opportunity to increase their client base by attracting new customers through electronic advertising.

3. Brand image

The quality of advertising goes a long way to determine how a brand is perceived by the public. Electronic sign boards are a great way for business owners to place their businesses on a high pedestal. This invariably improves brand image which plays a major role in the success of any marketing campaign.

4. Durability

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Besides the fact that extreme weather conditions are no threat to electronic sign boards, these message centers are generally more durable for advertising. For one, the challenge with having to remove and replace sign boards for different marketing campaigns is eliminated. Once an LED sign is installed, businesses can use that single board 10 to 15 years, only changing the content from the operating system when needed.

5. Long-term cost savings

Like most digital solutions, the initial cost of electronic sign boards is higher than that of a print sign board. However, businesses need to consider cost in the long-term. Installing a single electronic sign board can save a business several recurring costs from print sign board replacements and upgrades. Considering that electronic advertising provides greater returns and profit, it is a more affordable solution in the long run.

While the one-time installation cost of electronic sign boards is often considered a con to digital transitioning, the only other main disadvantage of LED message centers is that they need electricity to function. Hence, businesses will need to make constant electrical connectivity a priority. In essence, the pros outweigh the cons of electronic sign boards.

Main Features Involved with LED Message Centers

A number of features need to be understood when it comes to selecting the right electronic sign board for a business. These include-

1. Viewing distance
This refers to the distance between the sign observers and the sign board itself. The viewing distance will help determine the type of resolution to be used to optimize visibility.

2. Brightness
LED display boards are usually used both during the day and at night, hence, it is important to decide on the level of brightness and necessary adjustments with the sign board designer or company.

3. Content
With the various customizable options, content is arguably the most important factor to consider. It is helpful for businesses to prepare and schedule different types of content to be displayed on the message board. In preparing the perfect content for sign board advertising, businesses need to consider elements such as font size, graphics, colors, animations, motion effects and text formatting.

4. Pixel pitch
The pixel pitch is the resolution of the outdoor LED signs and considers all factors such as viewing distance, brightness and size.

How Much Do Electronic Advertising Boards Cost?

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As businesses look to minimize cost and optimize profit, this is one of the most important questions lurking in the minds of business owners and managers. However, several factors account for the different cost structures of electronic message signs. In a nutshell, the more features and functionality options included, the greater the cost.

Some LED displays can be very basic, while others are highly customized. More basic sign boards range from $15,000 to $20,000. A larger size or added features can raise this amount to $30,000, while a larger, completely customized full color outdoor billboard can reach over $200,000. Depending on the company, there are also options to lease sign boards or pay in installments.


When it comes to digital signage, there is no room for DIY. It is necessary for businesses to use a professional digital signage company to carry out the installation process. This is to ensure the power source, software programming, and control options are properly connected.

Overall, electronic sign boards serve as a major stepping stone for businesses looking to adopt software solutions with profitable returns.