How to Take Your Restaurant to the Next Level with Digital Signage

Unlike other retail spaces, the food industry is unique in that less pressure is felt in trying to sell to the customer, as many guests have typically made the mental commitment to buy upon entering a restaurant or eatery.

In turn, this allows for a unique opportunity that can ultimately increase sales. One way that restaurants can create an eye-catching and educational customer experience while increasing sales is through the usage of digital signage.

Restaurant digital signage showcases product information and menus displayed on monitors. Aside from offering clean aesthetic appeal, digital signage actually offers restaurants a number of monetary benefits.

Shows Wait Times

Restaurant digital signage informs patrons of wait-time, so hungry patrons are always in the know. Furthermore, it pushes productivity, holding the restaurant more accountable to meet these timed demands. It's a win-win situation that holds restaurant employees accountable while giving the customer some peace of mind.

Displays Promotions

What better way is there to show promotional items and specials of the day then putting it on a digital signage board while the customer waits to order? This can increase last minute purchasing decisions, inform customers of new menu items, and build brand awareness. It also gives customers something to look at while they wait in line.

Updates Product Information Quickly

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Digital menu boards utilize unique software that allow for quick updates. While customers are waiting in line and a product suddenly sells out, the staff can quickly update the digital menu to inform that the item is no longer available so as not to catch anyone off-guard when placing an order. Similarly, if an item becomes available, another update to the menu can be made. Either way, the patron is kept informed about what's available to order, and what isn't.

Opportunity to Build Social Media Presence

Restaurant digital signage and digital menu boards have the ability to intrigue the customer because of the powerful visuals utilized and the large, ubiquitous screens. Restaurants can take advantage of this by adding their social media information to the signage. They can incentivize customers to follow them on social media by offering specials of the day or other promotional items. Adding social media followers is also a great way to increase brand awareness and build up customer loyalty; it's also free marketing, which is a bonus.

Upsell Items

Digital menu boards can be used to showcase detailed, mouth-watering displays, enticing customers to make additional purchases. Once being tantalized with a delicious display of cheesecake, it would be difficult not to submit to the craving.

Build a Brand

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Restaurant digital signage gives an opportunity to convey a personality and build upon a brand. Brand loyalty plays a role in patrons coming back, time and time again. It's also the quickest way for loyal customers to spread the word to their friends, increasing the brand-loyal customer base. Use company logos, slogans, pictures, or funny jokes on digital signage to connect with customers, sharing the brand culture and values.

Increases the Bottom Line

Regardless of whatever unique ways each restaurant utilizes digital signage, the end goal is typically the same to increase the bottom line. Utilizing digital signage has several unique benefits that allow restaurants to work towards achieving that goal. Some of these include

  • Less Overhead Cost
Digital signage allows restaurants to advertise directly on their screen. Because the software can be updated so quickly, multiple promotions can be shown throughout the day. With traditional menus, there's a need for more outside advertisement because there aren't opportunities to make these quick updates. Restaurant digital signage is also able to withstand harsh weather conditions, so restaurants can have more chances to advertise and offer bystanders information on specials outside.

  • Increases Foot Traffic
Digital menu boards offer advertising flexibility that simply isn't available with traditional menu options. If a restaurant uses the menu board to explain how the food is made, or tell the company history, this can intrigue an already hungry customer and ultimately add to sales.

  • Lowers Wait Times
Restaurant digital signage can organize long lines of people by informing the customer of their place in line and how long their wait time is. Furthermore, employees will also be notified so they know who is still waiting for their food, or who is next in line. This organized process streamlines the ordering experience and helps to improve customer service. In turn, sales will improve and there will be a greater return on investment.

  • More Advertising Opportunities
Digital signage software allows content updates to be made quickly at any location, so there's more opportunities to add in new promotions. Furthermore, if a restaurant has multiple menu boards in different areas, they can run different promotions on each one. This opportunity lets restaurants expose their customers to more advertisements, which can help to increase sales.