Digital Signage in Retail and How to Use it To Your Advantage

Online shopping is a growing trend that is here to stay. Though online shoppers enjoy the bargains available to them online, there is new data that should give much comfort to brick and mortar stores. 71% of all shoppers spend $50.00 or more when shopping in store compared with only 54% of those who spent $50.00 or more online.

This demonstrates how much consumers enjoy the intuitive, hands-on opportunity that shopping in-store provides. In turn, customers are willing to spend more money because they appreciate the visceral experience that the retail environment provides.

In regards to the retail environment, businesses know that it's vital to stay up to date with what appeals to the general population. More retailers are recognizing that shoppers expect a digitized experience, just as they have when sitting in front of a computer. Digital signage in retail, or the use of technology that displays images or videos in stores is the most notable way that companies can appeal to this demand.

Here are the benefits digital signage will bring, along with tips into how to properly and strategically utilize them.

How Retailers are Using Digital Signage to Their Benefit

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There's no shortage of ways that businesses can utilize digital signage to engage potential customers. Because virtual displays are digitized, its software allows for information to be adjusted on the spot, like to inform of recently reduced clearance items or newly received products. The ease of use features allow for simplicity and speedy updates, including during the holidays or primetime hours.

The ability to update information quickly allows for a better customer experience because customers are kept up to date with all promotions and specials through a unique interactive experience. This is a net benefit for retailers, because there will also be an increase in profits.

Engage Potential Customers & Increase Foot Traffic
One of the important ways that businesses can utilize retail digital signage is to reel in potential customers is to capture their gaze with something unique and eye-catching, like with digitized window displays.

Digital window displays can garner a passerby's attention before he/she even enter the store by providing a unique visual experience that tells shoppers what specials or promotions are available that day. Moving words and pictures also draw in customers, which then increases the store's foot traffic. Increasing foot traffic is the first step to change a curious bystander into a customer.

Increase Brand Awareness
Companies typically have a unique brand that they want consumers to know and remember. With digital signage in retail, there's more space and opportunities to convey what the brand is all about, and to build brand awareness amongst clientele.

Printed signs are cumbersome and fill up more space, while digital signs can be displayed anywhere. Because digital signage can be changed so quickly, and display so many messages at once, there are more opportunities to show who the store is and what the store stands for.

Utilization as a Sales Force
During the holiday season or other chaotic times of the year, there's hardly enough associates to assist each customer. Digital signs can help take care of that problem by substituting as a salesperson.

Though nothing takes the place of a person who can answer direct questions and build a relationship with the customer, digital signage provides ample opportunities to show important product and sales information. For example, retailers can program the sign settings to offer recommendations and tell about promotional items. It may not take the place of a sales associate, but it can help ease the workload while also increasing customer product knowledge. Increasing an interested customer's product knowledge makes it more likely that they will purchase the item, improving the business's bottom line.

Benefits of Digital Signage in Retail

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Retailers use digital signage in order to multiply their customer base, build brand loyalty and convey product information to the shopper. This all adds up to an increased bottom line. But there's also many other benefits that can be gained from retail digital signage. These include

Opportunity to Share Social Media
Retailers can add their social media information to digital displays, where brand loyalty can be increased, promotions can be shown, and product information can be explained.

Makes Shopping (More) Fun
Retail therapy, or shopping to soothe one's soul is one of the many reasons why shoppers decide to go to the store. Retailers can capitalize upon this by making their digital signage retail visually engaging and interactive, letting the customer know that they are at home. For example, a bakery could put up their favorite recipes that include ingredients found at that particular store. This provides a unique experience to the customer, which might also lead to an increase in sales.

Ability to Increase In-Store Digital Presence
Many retailers focus on their online digital messaging, but forget their in-store digital presence can also be promoted. Digital signage can inform when promotions or offers are happening online, which builds product awareness and increases Ecommerce sales.

A Method of Providing Real-Time Information
Customers' needs change depending on the current weather conditions. For example, if it's snowing outside, customers might think to look for a new winter coat. Or, if there's an approaching hurricane, customers will want to find food and water supplies. If so, then retailers can update their digital signage retail to reflect the current weather. For example, retailers can run a promotion on discounted winter coats during a snowstorm, or buy-1-get-1 packs of water in a heat wave. Quick updates let customers know how to find what they need because of the current real-time conditions, which can lead to an increase in sales.

Technique to Keep Employees Informed
With so much discussion surrounding how much digital signage retail affects potential customers, it's also important to note that these visuals can be used in back-of-house, as they are fantastic ways to keep employees updated on information. Break rules, specials of the day, or even inspirational quotes can be put in the breakroom on digital signage.

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