Customizable Digital Menu Boards

Engage Customers with Stunning Digital Signage.

Engaging Digital Signage Application

An Easy-to-Use Application that Integrates with your POS.

Increase Sales While Keeping Your Customers Happy

Capture Customer Attention

Engage in-store customers effortlessly with our digital signage solution. Fully customizable templates give your team full creative control over how your design will be displayed. Create visually appealing menus and signs with a selection of creative tools available inside our Plum Digital Signage application. Equip your store locations with the ability to captivate customers.

Drive Engagement and Increase Sales

Apply the insights derived from your POS data to boost your sales numbers. Our digital signage solution will prove to be a key marketing channel in your strategies. Highlight popular menu items that have become staples with your customer base or promote limited time items using our breadth of menu templates. Grow sales revenue through engaging digital signage content.

Organize Menu Boards to Reflect Times of Day

Draw Attention to Your Most Popular Items

Strategically design menus to cater to customer demand. Upload and incorporate stimulating visual content that will direct the onlooker’s eyes to your most profitable choices. Our solution offers tools that will ultimately yield the greatest benefits for your business.

Capitalize on Growing Trends

Seasonal items that sell in high demand and high foot traffic are just two examples of data trends that can be very valuable. Our digital signage solution accommodates for all your business decisions. Create and edit menu templates to include fast-selling items. Schedule dayparts so menu items that are sensitive to the time of day perform optimally. Realize the profit potential that would otherwise be lost without a flexible signage solution.

Instrument a Brand Experience Like No Other

Promote Your Brand Through Customized Templates

Push your business forward into the modern age with Plum Digital Signage. Take advantage of our intuitive UI to construct a unique brand experience in minutes. Our Graphical User Interface (GUI) editor assists users in artfully executing on your team’s marketing strategies through customized templates and free creative expression. Discover new and exciting ways to engage your customers.

Enhance Your In-Store Customer Experience

Our digital signage solution helps you to craft an unforgettable customer experience. With visually appealing signage you can set up in minutes, your brand will stay top-of-mind for the customers in your marketplace. Use your stores’ aesthetic to leverage an attractive customer experience. Create an inviting and memorable in-store experience with Plum Digital Signage.

Streamlined Design for Ease-of-Use

A Seamless Experience

We are proud to say that Plum Digital Signage is capable of integrating with all major POS systems. Our onboarding process is optimized for clarity and simplicity so you will be able to benefit from all of our application’s features. Our solution is truly characterized by a smooth and intuitive workflow. Plum Digital Signage retrieves menu items and price data directly from your POS to make our user experience as seamless as possible.

Achieve Operational Excellence

We fully intend for our solution to be implemented in minutes. Eliminating the time costs often associated with implementation will prove to impact your operations in a positive way. By saving the time spent on incorporating our application into your operational software suite, operators are able to tend to other areas of your business that may demand more attention.