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Take Control of Your Display Screen!

  • Captivate your audience and keep them engaged.
  • Fully customizable Digital Signage Software.
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Engage & Upsell with Digital Menu Boards

Available for businesses and enterprises with single or multiple locations.

  • list style Increase Impulse Purchase Sales
  • list style Reduce Marketing Costs
  • list style Customizable and Easy-To-Use Templates Integrate with your POS
  • list style Boost Profit Margins
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Cost-Effective Marketing Tool

  • Save time and attract customers with eye-catching displays or campaigns. Elevate your promotional campaigns and increase your brand awareness effortlessly.
  • Plum Digital Signage offers a combination of attention-grabbing and industry-specific templates so you can set up your displays at any location. Use the dayparting feature to schedule multiple templates throughout the day, week or month to boost impulse purchase sales.
  • Experience an eco-friendly solution with Plum Digital Signage reusable templates that you can update anytime. You can also increase customer engagement with a schedule content feature that runs automatically without an internet connection.
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Adopt the Leading Digital Signage Solution Today

100% cloud-based software

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Easy Dayparting and Scheduling

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Customizable Templates

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Integratable Menu Items

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Effortless Design and Set Up

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The Digital Signage Software You Need To

Boost Customer Engagement

Enhanced Flexibility and Designed for Ease

Experience seamless integration of your display and POS system with Plum Digital Signage. Get your digital menu boards up and running in no time at all. Our application is designed to implement CSV files to process menu items and prices effortlessly via an integrated POS system.
With Plum Digital Signage, you can manage your signages globally in real time. Rest assured that all your locations display the right content at the right time.
Make changes anytime you want to customize each location as per your requirements. Our easy-to-use application has a simple interface and requires no prior training.

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