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customer engagement

Enhance Customer Engagement

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Boost Profit Margins

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Seamless Integration to POS

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What Our Application Can Do For You

Evolve Your Signage

Propel your business with Plum Digital Signage’s extensive library of pre-made templates and resources. No prior design experience is needed, simply pick a design from an array of default menu templates or browse the library and customize to best fit your business and brand.

Pre-made templates are offered because finding the time and resources to create your own isn’t always easy. Plum Digital Signage won’t limit you to just the pre-made templates. Upload your own custom templates and watch as they come to life on the digital screen.

evolving your signage

Create Custom Designs for Your Brand

With a clean and easy-to-use Graphical User Interface (GUI) editor, creating templates don’t need to require fancy software or hours trying to learn how it works. Create templates right from the Digital Signage application and skip the hassle of waiting to upload or convert.

Simple text templates are not always enough to capture the attention your business needs. Plum Digital Signage supports most types of media files so you can add any images, videos, gifs, and documents to your customized templates. With these resources, you can create any template you can imagine!

Dayparting and Scheduling

Plum Digital Signage keeps it simple by giving you the option to set up dayparts for multiple templates based on your business hours. Place promotional advertisements to increase sales and bring in more customers during certain times of the day. This can range from daily specials to happy hours and weekend brunch. The application is flexible and can accommodate your business as it grows and changes.

Expanding your business could mean expanding your menu. Plum Digital Signage helps facilitate scheduling different menus throughout the day, month, and year. Stop manually changing out physical boards and save on time and costs. A busy owner or operations manager can make edits to their templates whenever and wherever they may be. It is quick and easy to set it and forget it.

day parting and scheduling
integrate with your point of sale

Integrate with Your Point-of-Sale

Running a restaurant smoothly requires making smart time and cost saving decisions. Plum Digital Signage is the first signage application that can integrate with Point-of-Sale systems to transfer over menu item data. If an item is marked as no longer available on the POS, the item will automatically be removed from the menu board on Plum Digital Signage as well. This is a service to both customers and employees alike when information presented is accurate and up-to-date.

Easy Set-Up

Plum Digital Signage’s easy-to-use interface makes completing tasks easier than ever. Task explanations provide employees with more information so that even the more complex tasks are easy to understand and perform.

Plum Digital Signage can be downloaded right from your smart TV and synced to the web application.

easy setup

User-Friendly Interface

Plum Digital Signage keeps its users in mind. A clean and simple user interface assists you in navigating through the application so that you’re never left overwhelmed by small buttons and hard to read text.

The settings are separated at the global and site level and can be accessed depending on user permissions. Changes can be made remotely and will reflect on your digital signage almost instantaneously.

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